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Top Five Workout Apps

Exercise is a part of many people’s daily lives. They tend to regularly work out and do physical activity to strengthen muscles and bones, improve their respiratory and overall health, and to reduce stress. Staying active also helps in maintaining a healthy weight, reducing the risk for many diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, and others. Nowadays, people do different kinds of sports and they don’t all go to the gym. They alternatively download workout apps and train at their houses. The best workout apps provide you with video or audio form (or both) that include instructions. It also provides encouragement from real coaches as long as you make progress. Besides, you can find many different workout ideas that keep you active and excited to play. Here are the top five workout apps:



At first, Aaptive asks you to set your goals like losing 10 kilos or just keeping fit. You also provide information about your current fitness level and exercise habits and you can recommend the workouts you can do. This application has thousands of voice-guided workouts split into categories such as running, elliptical, strength training, stretching, yoga and more. These voice-guided workouts come with estimated duration and difficulty level. Plus, it has star ratings from other users to help you make your choice. If you live in one of these 20 countries: (the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, India, South Africa, Philippines, Singapore, and Portugal), you can easily download it.


Fitbit coach

It is a technology company that supports making people’s lives healthier by creating a workout app. You can download the Fitbit Coach app from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or Microsoft Store, or go to and create your Fitbit account. Then, choose your trainer and take the Fit Test. After completing the Fit Test, choose a program to start.


Workout Trainer

It’s one of the best workout apps since it has some distinguishing features. It starts with a questionnaire to measure your physical fitness. And when you start exercising, you always receive notifications, reminders, and stats to keep you on track which helps to keep you focused. Some of its features are free but if you want to get all the benefits and features, you have to pay 6$ monthly.

Nike Training Club 

Its exercises are expertly designed by their world-class Nike Master Trainers. Nike training club includes a wide range of both individual workouts and multi week training programs. Also, it is free. It’s unlike “free” apps who claim so since this application doesn’t put pressure on the user to upgrade by paying or getting the premium version. It also allows you to link up to an Apple watch.


Peloton Digital                                                               

Forget about buying a bike to get healthy and fit as you have peloton digital. It’s a free application to download. If you are a new user, you are offered a 90-day trial to help you with running, cycling and strength exercises. The membership costs only $13 per month. Peloton digital has a library of classes that include cardio routines, boot camp workouts, and even yoga sessions.

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