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The Guide to Managing Anxiety

 It is very normal and natural to feel anxious about many things and in different places. Anxiety is “ an uncomfortable feeling of nervousness or worries about something that is happening or might happen in the future”. Therefore, we can say that anxiety is a feeling of fear or apprehension about what’s coming that a person could feel worried about moving to a new apartment or place, going to a ceremony, starting a new job, having the first flight, or taking a test. Anxiety has different levels so when trying to manage it, there is a wide range of strategies.


 Slow breathing is always considered as the first strategy. It is known that once you are anxious, your breathing becomes faster so you try deliberately to slow down your breathing, e.g. counting to three as you breathe in slowly – then counting to three as you breathe out slowly.


Having a healthy lifestyle is a strategy. You can keep yourself active, do some exercises, eat healthy food, meditate outside in nature, or spend time with people you love. All these activities can reduce your stress and improve your wellbeing. 


The third strategy is doing some muscle relaxing techniques. To do one of the techniques, all that you need is finding a quiet location, closing your eyes, relaxing each of your muscle groups from your toes to your head, and holding the tension for three seconds and then releasing quickly. At first, it may take some time or some practice to make this strategy right.


 The fourth way is to take small acts of bravery. Try to cope with things that make you anxious by first approaching them, then realizing that what you fear isn’t likely to happen and even if it does, you are ok with it.


Talking is another strategy for reducing stress. Choose someone that you feel comfortable talking with and reveal what worries you. Speaking to somebody is an amazing therapy that has rapidly-acting benefits.


Plan or set worry time daily is another strategy. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, anxiety is natural and it is impossible to stop worrying in your entire life so embrace your stress. You can set aside some time to indulge your worries, e.g. set 10 minutes each evening to write them down or think about them. This can help stop your worries from taking all your time.


 Also, getting to know the reasons or what makes you anxious is so important and it is the seventh strategy. When you define the reasons, you start to avoid or at least start learning how to deal with them.


Another way is to learn from others by listening to their stories. Talking and listening to people who have experienced anxiety or have gone through something similar is very beneficial. This makes you feel that you are not alone. 


The last strategy is to stay positive. Remember that you are strong. You are not weak or inferior. You have a mental health condition that a lot of people get through that is called anxiety. 

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