Our Process

What we’ve found in our research?

Through extensive research, we have found that the strength of black seed oil can vary considerably depending on various factors. The strength is measured from the amount of volatile oil present. The critical component that makes the black seed oil so unique is the content of volatile oil. This differs depending on the hybrid and where the seed is grown. For countries with extreme heat, the content of volatile oil is increased.

We pride ourselves in taking great care by processing only the highest quality of seeds in the world to produce the best product that you’ll find! Our oil is 100% pure virgin quality cold-pressed black seed oil.

Finding the finest quality Nigella Sativa seeds

Decades of experience with Nigella Sativa has taught us the knowledge of organically growing and acquiring the finest quality Nigella Sativa seeds with high volatile oil content. We always check the quality of samples before buying and will only buy seeds that produce high-quality oil.

 We only use the finest Nigella Sativa seeds from various locations around the world; starting with our farm in Bangladesh. We also use quality Nigella Sativa seeds from Ethiopia, Turkey, Egypt, and India. It is a rigorous cycle of constant testing and analysis to maintain the very best quality that our customers have come to expect from us.

Producing the black seed oil

We’ve gone one step further when it comes to cold pressing. For an oil to be acceptable, it has to be pressed at a maximum of 104 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 40 degree Celsius). We were previously having our oils pressed by a UK company, who meets these requirements. But to improve the quality and flavor, we decided to create the oils ourselves where we slow the machine down to the slowest speed possible.

 The Blessed Seed oil extraction process does not involve the use of chemicals. Instead, the oils are extracted by cold pressing the seeds at a temperature below 104 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 40 degree Celsius). This process allows the oil to hold onto the vital components that are otherwise lost at higher temperatures.

 Now, we create the oils with companies who know and accept our requirements. That means producing the oil at the slowest speed possible creating the best cold press oil you may ever find!

Furthermore, our black seed oil is produced in 4 different strengths, which are, original, mild, strong and extra strong, with different contents of volatile oil.

Black seed oil bottling

We bottle our black seed oil immediately after pressing to preserve the precious volatile components. In our manufacturing plant, we observe the strictest hygiene practices to ensure we can deliver the highest quality.

 Please note that our oils are intentionally supplied in brown glass bottles – unlike some manufacturers, who use plastic bottles.

 Glass does not leach, and dark glass helps to keep the temperature down and the light out. It is the best choice to protect and preserve the healing properties of the oil.

  • Our bottles come fitted with safety caps
  • Our 100ml black seed oil bottles also feature our unique pourer which provides you with a cleaner pour of the product and also help avoid spillage/waste

As with all products shipped from The Blessed Seed, it’s important to us that you receive your goods in perfect condition. We package all parcels securely using tough cardboard and other high-quality materials. We also take extra care to individually pack our Black Seed Oil bottles for increased protection.

Black seed soap making process

The black seed soap is made using all-natural ingredients, and it is hand-mixed with great care. Once all the ingredients are mixed, the liquid soap is poured into molds and left to cure for six weeks.

 The formula is carefully engineered so that no artificial ingredients are required. Also, Black Seed Oil acts as a natural preservative and has a unique natural color and neutral pH level, which makes the soap gentle and balanced. The soap is intentionally kept fragrance-free so that it’s suitable for all skin types.

 The chemical-free aspect of this soap is what attracts so many customers. And being a member of the Guild of Craft Soap & Toiletry Makers pays testament to our quality. This organic soap contains properties that are great for all skin types.

Highest quality black seed products.