black seed oil for gray hair

How to Fight Against Gray Hair – Naturally

The aging process, while usually associated with wrinkle formation, also affects our hair. Gray hair is not uncommon in the elderly. Yet some of us may have a head of gray hair in our forties, while others find the gray coming out while still in their twenties or thirties. Although unusual, it is not uncommon […]

black seed oil topical application

Topical Application of Black Seed Oil

Topical Application of Black Seed Oil: More Than You Bargained For The seeds of the Nigella sativa plant have been used for thousands of years in food and for healing. The oil, extracted from the seed, give rise to the name Black Seed Oil. Used both internally and externally, Black Seed Oil heals or supports […]

top 5 black seed oil brands

Top 5 Black Seed Oil Brands

Comparing Top 5 Black Seed Oil Brands The various health applications of Nigella sativa has been extensively researched by various institutions, with more benefits being added almost daily. Nigella sativa is also known as kalonji, black cumin, Roman coriander, and black caraway. Most companies sell the oil, while many also have it in capsule form. […]

blood cancer and black seed oil

Blood Cancer Awareness Month: How Can Black Seed Oil Help?

Traditionally, September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month. Many organizations, during this time, make it their work to raise awareness of the different types of blood cancer, while doing their best to raise money for ongoing research into finding cures. The Different Blood Cancer Types Leukemia is most probably the most well-known type of blood cancer. […]

Alzheimer's and black seed oil

World Alzheimer’s Month and Black Seed Oil

Every year, the month of September kicks off with World Alzheimer’s Month, an international campaign to bring about awareness on dementia, this year is no different, and the focus this time is on breaking the stigma associated with persons suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, a form of dementia. The human mind is one of the most […]

black seed honey

Health benefits of black seed honey

Black seed, black cumin, black caraway, kalonji, kalojeere—all of these are common names for a pale blue or white flower from the ranunculus family, scientifically known as Nigella sativa. Since the times of pharaoh Tutankhamun, the seeds and oil of this plant have been used to treat dozens of different health conditions. Few people know […]


What is Thymoquinone

What is thymoquinone? A deep understanding of the compound and its benefits Thymoquinone is the main compound found in black seed oil and is imbued with numerous beneficial properties. According to research, it may have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, and even anti-cancer properties, amongst numerous other biological activities. The Antioxidant Properties of Thymoquinone Oxidative stress is […]

black seed balm

Black Seed Balm And Its Benefits

Why You Should Use Black Seed Balm Natural Vapour Rub A vapour rub is commonly rubbed into your chest and back when you have a cold or the flu. In most cases, these vapour rubs contain petrochemicals that are by-products of the petroleum industry. Natural Vapour Rub, on the other hand, instead of having a […]

what is bee propolis

Nutritional Value of Bee Propolis

While the antibiotic effects of honey and its myriad benefits may be well-known, not so much is known about bee propolis. A side-product from the business of honey making, bee propolis has many benefits for both bees and humans alike. What is Bee Propolis? Bee propolis is not a new health craze. It has, in […]

quick weight loss with black seed oil

10 Quick Ways To Lose Weight With Black Seed Oil

Black seed oil has, for centuries, been used by many people to assist with weight loss, digestive health, respiratory health, immune health, fighting cancer, and to aid with proper kidney and liver function. Ongoing research into the different components of black seed oil and its different health applications strongly indicate that the oil, indeed, may […]