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Say Goodbye to Bad Breath Forever

Bad breath, or as it is called halitosis, refers to the annoying, unpleasant smell of the mouth. Causes of bad breath include more than just eating a certain type of food, such as garlic and onion. Or it can be caused by regular smoking. It can be caused by the long-term existence of the wrong type of bacteria in your mouth as a result of oral infections, dental problems, or medications. Generally, not brushing your teeth properly and regularly causes bad smell since plaque and bacteria accumulate on and between your teeth.

There are many solutions to this problem. The first and easiest one is brushing and flossing your teeth as thoroughly as possible and regularly at least twice a day. A good thing also to keep in mind is don’t forget to brush the top of your tongue with your toothbrush. This helps in getting rid of food particles and bacteria. The second solution is drinking a good quantity of water. When we drink coffee, tea, wine, or soda, residues remain which infiltrate the digestive system, so that for some time afterward each exhale and breath expels traces of them. Therefore, you have to drink a sufficient amount of water; six to eight 8-ounce glasses per day to avoid dry mouth and that helps in washing away food particles and bacteria.

The third one is chewing herbals or fresheners. You can chew cloves, fennel, and anise seeds. Mix a small amount of each together and have them with you wherever you go so you can chew some after every meal and see the effective results. Avoiding foods that result in sour breath is another solution. Highly spiced food is an offender but brushing after eating mitigates the odor. Onions and garlic cause bad smell also since the substances included in these two kinds of vegetables cause bad smells.

Another solution you could follow to get rid of the bad smell is brushing with tea-tree oil. Try tea-tree oil toothpaste as it has antibacterial power. Besides, tea-tree toothpaste helps maintain healthy, strong teeth and gums, assists in controlling dental plaque, and cleans teeth and freshens the mouth.

The sixth solution is to try gargling lavender which is an effective mouth-freshener. You can put a few drops of lavender essential oil in a cup of warm water and gargle. Lavender has many great health benefits; it eliminates harmful bacteria. Chewing a few sprigs of mint or parsley is also a solution. They make your breath smell good. The last solution is trying a sea salt rinse. After flossing or brushing, put a teaspoon of salt in warm water, then rinse it. Sea salt antiseptic properties help to get rid of bacteria that lead to bad breath.

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