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4 Different Strengths of 100% Pure Black Seed Oil

Everyone reacts differently to black seed oil. We’re the only company offering 4 different oil strengths, making it easy for you to safely add black seed oil to your health regimen. The strongest oil has 3.52% thymoquinone content.


The strongest, most potent black seed oil available in the world.
It’s over 6X more potent than most other brands.


Strong black seed oil is 4 times more powerful than most on the market.
(All our oils are 100% pure cold pressed with no additives)


Already using Black Seed oil but want something stronger?


New to black seed oil? Buying it for infants or children?

Trusted And Recommended By Health Professionals

Improve Your

Health— Naturally

From rashes, indigestion and even cancer, users worldwide are
reporting astonishing results from this potent, 100% natural
antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Here are a few benefits you may experience:

Reduced abdominal pain and bloating

Help with indigestion problems

An immune system boost

Healthier hair, skin and nails

An improvement in mood, energy, and overall well-being.

6X More Effective Than Most

Other Brands

Black seed oil’s unique healing capabilities are found in its essential oils, which can vary from 0.3% to 6.3%. Most companies have an oil content of 1% or less. Our strongest oil contains a guaranteed essential oil content of up to 6.3%— over 6X more than most other brands.

Simply put, our black seed oils are the strongest available in the world.

Our Process

Step 1

High Quality Seeds

High quality oils begin with high quality seeds.
We source our seeds from Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Turkey, Egypt or India.

Step 2


Using chemicals to extract oils makes the oil taste awful. We never use chemicals.

Step 3

Careful Bottling

We bottle our oils immediately in amber glass to keep temperature down and light out. This retains the oil’s potency.

Step 4


Excessive heat destroys the oil’s healing compounds. We cold-press our seeds at a maximum of 40 degrees celcius.

Step 5


Slower-pressed seeds retain more healing compounds.That’s why we press our seeds as slow as possible.

Over 500’s Of Satisfied Customers

Improve Your Health. Just 10 Seconds A Day.

From King Tut to the Prophet Muhammad, black seed oil was the cure-all for many illnesses and health conditions. Now you can reap the health benefits too.

Mix our oil with a snack or take it straight from a spoon. It takes just 10 seconds.

Learn more about the history of black seed oil

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Who We Are

Founded in 2002, The Blessed Seed has been helping individuals improve their health through the healing magic contained in Nigella Sativa— or black seed.

Frustrated with medication after medication, many of our customers discover black seed as a healing alternative— and with great results. We’ve dedicated ourselves to bringing you an alternative source of healing that’s potentially better, faster, safer and cheaper than traditional over-the-counter medicines.

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