Soap Makers Journey

Making Organic Soap with Black Seed Oil the Natural Way

The Making Process

How did the journey begin?

The founder of The Blessed Seed first came across the oil whilst trying to find a remedy for his son’s eczema. With his son being only 3 years old, finding an alternative and natural solution was a priority.

After contacting Dr. Abaas, who explained the benefits of the black seed oil, the founder of the company was quite surprised. But just like the many other lotions and creams that he tried previously for his son, he gave the oil a go as well. The difference wasn’t immediate but just when his wife was at the verge of giving up, it worked! In the next few months, his son’s skin improved tremendously.

Upon a conversation with Dr. Abaas a year after being introduced, he said,

“Every part of the (black) seed is blessed! It has value and nothing should be wasted. However, we have this concentrated deep buttery residue which is left after the seed pressing process. There must be something that can be done with this”.

With a deep belief in the oil, the founder introduced it to the rest of his family. And being an engineer and with a passion for chemistry, the founder got to work. After weeks of research, trials, experiments and improvements, he finally landed on the cold press method and eventually founded The Blessed Seed.

He then asked the founder whether he could make soap out of the residue.

We source the best ingredients and hand mix everything to take great care of our soaps. Once mixed, they are poured into molds and left to cure for six weeks before being ready to be shipped out! After all, good things come to those who wait!

Did You Know?

Mild Black Seed Oil Capsules are great for individuals that are sensitive and children equally. Also those those who find it unpalatable.

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