Soap Makers Journey...

Making Organic Soap with Black Seed Oil the Natural Way

Soap making was never going to be my intended career when I left school. In fact, it wasn’t even a thought. Roll on 20+ years and here I am, enjoying a craft that is also my small business.

Making Process

black seed oil soap

So, How did this journey begin?

It was actually whilst searching for a remedy to help my son’s eczema that we first heard of Black Seed Oil. He was only three at the time and wanted an alternative, natural solution for him as the doctors only seemed to be interested in prescribing steriods. So harsh, on such delicate, young skin!

I came into contact with Dr Abaas who explained all the benefits of this oil which I had not heard of before. So, like many lotions and potions we had tried before hand, we gave this a go. Now, I won’t say that seeing a difference was immediate, it did take time – in fact, my wife was ready to give up! However, we persevered as listening to Dr Abaas with his expert knowledge gave us hope in finding that relief that my poor son so desperatly needed. And, sure enough, in months to come, my son was getting the healing from this Black Seed Oil.

Having found out more and more about this oil, we then introduced this to the rest of our family who all have benefited in different ways in all aspects of their health.

Upon a conversation with Dr Abaas about a year after being introduced, he said this:

“Every part of the (Black) seed is blessed! It has value and nothing should be wasted. However, we have this concentrated deep buttery residue which is left after the seed pressing process. There must be something that can be done with this. He asked me can you make soap using this butter?”

I didn’t know at the time. However, I am an engineer and chemistry is my passion! So the words that fell out of my mouth were, “No, but let me give it a go”. Weeks and weeks of research and trials followed. Some failures, but with those failures came even more knowledge and with that knowledge came even more experiments, and further improvements.

I was, and still am, determined that our soaps would be made the traditional way to the highest quality– the cold press way. It’s the best way to make natural soaps. We source the best ingredients and we hand mix everything – that way, we are able to take great care of our soaps. Once mixed they are poured into molds and left to cure for six weeks. Yes, six weeks. Good things come to those who wait, right?

Our formula is carefully engineered so that no artificial ingredients need to be added. There is just no need, the Black Seed Oil acts as a natural preservative, it has natural (unique) colour and a neutural Ph balance, making the soap more gentle and balanced. We have deliberately, kept this fragrance free, making it less irritant to those with sensitive skin.

It’s a formula that both the Blessed Seed and I are happy with and we know our customers are too as the Blessed Seed grew, so did the demand for soap! Our customers also have the comfort of knowing that we are a member of the Guild of Craft Soap & Toiletry Makers too!

Now, eight years on, we are working on expanding our range. Watch out for face cream and clay mask in the near future.

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