About Us

The Blessed Seed is one of the leading companies in black seed with its strongest black seed oil in the world and the only company that produces it in four different strengths. Our oils are not only correctly cold pressed. We go one step further and press at the slowest speed possible making our oils the King of cold pressed oils. Our oils are also 100% pure with absolutely no additives.

As a group of healers with qualified herbalists and masseurs in our team we wanted to produce this oil that was mentioned by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) as a cure for all diseases except death. That is quite a statement but after being in this business for over 17 years and with the response we have received from our own customers we know this statement to be a matter of fact. This product is phenomenal and has helped many many people who had literally tried everything and only found a solution with this incredible product.

Since our founding in 2002, The Blessed Seed has focused on developing not only the best oils but also incorporating black seed oil into beauty and healthcare products. We make sure that everyone can benefit from the power of the potent oil, whether it’s through consuming the capsules or using the oil, shampoo, soap, etc. As members of the Guild of Craft Soap & Toiletry Makers our beauty products are made to a very high standard where many requirements have to be met.

Today, we sell a range of black seed products to more than 20,000 regular customers with a very efficient global shipping network and offer our oils at extremely affordable prices. While the stronger oils may be more expensive one has to respect the process to keep a consistent supply is not an easy one which requires much testing with analysis.

Our main priority is to heal as many people as can be and for those who feel disappointed with the effects we even have a money back guarantee. This is 1 year as for some ailments sometimes one needs to consistently take this product for 1 year before one sees the benefits. Read our soap makers account.

However, most people notice a difference fairly quickly and the feedback that we receive from our customers reassures us of their satisfaction time and time again!

Our history

The Blessed Seed was officially founded in 2002, but we’ve been in the healing industry for many more years. When we started producing the oil we noted the strength of the oil can vary considerably with either a light pungent taste to a full blown peppery taste. We researched and found this taste difference comes about from the content of essential oil. Most blackseed oil on the market has an essential oil content of 1% or less. Research has revealed that most of the potent & fruitful activity resides in its essential oil. The most important component of the essential oils is thymoquinone which on analysis we found to be 3.52% in our extra strong oil.

In the beginning we had 2 strengths. The mild with about 1% and original at 1.5%. Then in 2007 we came across an even stronger seed that produced an oil with 4.6%. Due to problems with finding a good supply we were only able to introduce that in 2012. Always on the look out for new samples from around the world we have found an even stronger oil with 6.3%

Our customers often reach out to us to say how happy they are that we maintain our quality. This is done by before buying any seed we get samples and press them to oil. On passing the good taste test we then send them on for analysis.
It is fairly easy to find a mild oil because most of the oil on the market is mild. The original comes at a level of searching through testing samples and finding a good tasting oil with 1.5 to 2.5%. The stronger is more enduring as we prefer the strong which is 4% or over. This takes more testing. We are new to the extra strong but on our present testing we see that we have to face the same trial and error as with the strong oil so we can supply to you with the best tasting and most potent of oils.

In 2009, we brought in a chemist that can transfer the quality of the blessed seed oil into beauty products. These are premium quality and hand made using only natural ingredients exquisitely combined for ease of use and perfection for health. Not everyone is a fan of using oils so having multiple options is always helpful.

As black seed was often administered with honey as a therapeutic superfood we sourced an incredible honey from the deep rain forests in Africa. So special is the honey that we also sell the honey on its own. From capsules and honey to soap and shampoo bars, we offer it all! The Blessed Seed wants everyone to enjoy and reap the benefits of the black seed, in whatever way it works best for you. These are healing products and we pray for the best benefit for all of you.


Our future

After almost three decades of hard work, The Blessed Seed is expanding yet again.

We are currently in the process of creating a roasted black seed oil. This is backed up with research which has shown that roasted black seed oil has an increased content of volatile oil which may be useful for specific ailments.

Moreover, we have sourced a seed that gives a stronger oil with a volatile oil content of over 6%. This is  added to our product range as ‘Extra Strong Black Seed Oil’. This powerful oil is for those who like the power of black seed oil and want a higher potency. One will not need to take so much with this being 6 times more powerful than most black seed oil on the market. All our strengths of oil will be encapsulated which will be added when they are ready.

We have also added vegan strong black seed oil capsules.

Organic strong oil

Our most exciting project is we have bought land where we’re growing the most potent black seeds with the correct organic process. This means that in the future we will also be able to offer a robust black seed oil that is certified organic to EU requirements. Although it’s a few years away, we’re dedicated to our work and are focused on providing our customers the best of the best.

The Blessed Seed is also in the motion of producing a black seed instant tea powder, inspired from research that has been done on the process where the nutritional benefits of black seed are retained when creating a powder for tea. We are also going to be launching black seed infused water soon!

What is our edge?

There’s a lot of companies offering black seed oil in the market. But not all oils are made the same way. Our black seed oil comes in various strengths, between 1.2% to 6.3%, which is much more than what most businesses offer, which is usually around 1% or even lower! We are the only company offering 4 different strengths so people can choose the oil that is the most suitable. While mild black seed oil is not as powerful as the stronger oils, it is still very effective and is appreciated because of the mild taste which is important for those who cannot take the strong. It is also recommended for children up to 5 years and sensitive people.


This is a huge difference maker. We have sourced a method that energises our oils. This makes the oil 100% bioavailable. Bioavailability can be defined as the proportion of a drug or substance that enters the circulation when introduced into the body. And so can have an active effect almost immediately. It determines the amount of unchanged drug that reaches your bloodstream within a certain amount of time.

Nearly all brands currently on the market claim they have the best black seed product on the market. At the blessed seed we have done research and are constantly looking at ways to bring better products to you. Bioavailable black seed oil is totally unique and will soon be on offer.

Unless you’re close to 100% bioavailability, the effects of your black seed oil will be limited.. What makes The Blessed Seed’s products stand out from the rest, is its unique strength of volatile oils being more potent than most on the market combined with the offer of energised bioavailable products. Moreover, we use actual research to make sure that our products are as advanced as they can be!

Our values

We aim to create the best healing oil possible. Our customers have also noted that the taste of our oils is better and there are significant improvements in their health as well. Every batch of oil we make is analyzed to confirm the strength is the same as what we advertise it to be on our website!

We have created a high-quality oil with a consistency of power and taste. The Blessed Seed offers a full one year guarantee to its customers where they may send the product back even if the bottle is empty. We also pay the post costs of sending it back to us. And our return rate is about 0.01%!

Read about our production process.