EXTRA STRONG Black Seed Oil – 250ml

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Extra strong black seed oil is the most powerful black seed oil we have found so far. The 250ml bottle of our strong black seed oil contains 7.5% of volatile oil with 3.29% thymoquinone
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Our extra-strong black seed oil in a 250ml bottle is the most powerful black seed oil we have found so far. With an essential content of 7.5% it is 7.5 times more powerful than most black seed oil on the market.

The higher the volatile oil content, the more powerful it becomes, so you don’t even need too much of it! Once you start taking the oil, you’ll notice its powerfulness and it will become a part of your self-care routine.

Our extra strong black seed oil is known for its exceptional properties and a lot of its cannot be found in other products in the market. It’s often used by individuals who can handle the strength of this version of the black seed oil and will, as a result, find an advantage in its extra powerful properties.

For those familiar with black seed oil they will notice the high potency of this oil.

This is not for over-sensitive people who are advised to begin with the mild.

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