Organic Zambian Forest Honey (Set) – 340g

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Indulge your senses in the exceptional allure of our Deep Forest Organic Honey, a rare nectar with a flavor unlike any other. Originating from the untouched Zambian forests, this honey encapsulates the pristine atmosphere of an environment unmarred by civilization.deep forest honey

Picture a natural beehive nestled high in the trees of the Zambian forest, far removed from the taint of pollution. After a patient year of cultivation, the honey is meticulously harvested, resulting in a product that transcends the ordinary.

This extraordinary honey not only captivates with its unique and delectable taste but also plays a crucial role in providing dignified livelihoods for beekeepers. Our fair trade system, personally established, offers beekeepers an alternative to conventional fair trade, preventing the necessity for them to migrate to urban areas in search of alternative employment. This innovative arrangement fosters a symbiotic relationship – the community safeguards the forests, and the forests, in turn, sustain the community by offering a reliable income.

Meet Gibson Palata, who, through the family’s beekeeping endeavors, has successfully educated all his children, providing them with the necessary books, uniforms, and even bicycles. The vast expanse of Zambia’s forests, spanning thousands of square miles, hosts an array of exotic trees whose flowers support a thriving bee population. Feeding on wild tropical nectar, these bees produce an unparalleled honey, free from pesticides and antibiotics, making it the epitome of organic honeys. honey cultivation

Delve into the rich history of beekeeping with our honey cultivated using ancient techniques. Crafted with bark-hive beekeeping methods practiced for centuries, the beehives are constructed from forest materials, fixed with pegs, and adorned with bark and woven grass doors – a sustainable and practically cost-free approach.

Harvested with a method reminiscent of European beekeepers from over a century ago, our honey is a testament to the wisdom of time. By adopting a periodic harvesting approach, we ensure the prevention of bee diseases, a lesson only recently recognized in the Western honey

Experience the unparalleled richness of our Deep Forest Organic Honey – not only the finest honey your palate will ever encounter but also available at a fraction of the cost of premium UK and European alternatives. Embrace the extraordinary taste and value that await you today.

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4 reviews for Organic Zambian Forest Honey (Set) – 340g

  1. planetklaatu

    The product itself it flawless; thick, deep, and rich. It is nothing like you’ve ever tasted before.
    Only thing I hated was every jar (I ordered three) leaked, and I had to spend quite amount of time cleaning the jars.
    For that I deduct one star, but the honey itself is in very good quality.

  2. nopressha

    I just have to say that this is the best tasting honey that I have ever had the pleasure to taste. I couldn’t believe that it tasted so good! I was such a fan that unfortunately it did not last long. I only ordered one jar and I wished that I had more when that one ran out. Very nice product and I will be reordering.

  3. super.ali-a

    I liked this honey

  4. Sharman Walker

    There are honeys & then there is this ONE. When you take just one teaspoon, you can feel the medicinal goodness. It’s earthy, rich in flavour & in consistency. It truly is the queen bee of all honeys. Once you have tasted this one, I can assure you, you will not go back to any supermarket or health shop brand but very importantly, I feel good that with every purchase, I know I’m helping these indigenous village people, improve their family life. I highly recommend. ☯️

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