ORIGINAL Black Seed Oil – 100ml

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The original black seed oil contains 1.5 – 1.7 % of volatile oil and works wonders for a lot of people. It is the original taste and power of the most-praised herb in the world- the black seed. It is the perfect kick-start into the use of black seed oil; once you get used to it, you can try our stronger versions of it.

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Our original black seed oil is better than most oils available in not just the UK, but also worldwide. With a volatile oil content of 1.5% – 1.7%, our oil is 5 times more powerful than the majority of oils in the UK.

Black seed oil normally contains between 0.3% to 1.5% volatile oils. Our oil is 100% pure virgin quality as well as cold-pressed black seed oil.

If you’re new to using black seed oil, our original black seed oil bottle can help you get on the right track. It’s food for anyone trying to include the best black seed oil brand in the UK into their routine or diet.

It’s also a great pick for those looking for a slightly more powerful product than what they’re used to.

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6 reviews for ORIGINAL Black Seed Oil – 100ml

  1. Antonio Palmer

    Thanks for such a great product
    Received both the original and the strong oils in the mail in a timely manner. I’ve mostly taken the original oil and let’s just say WOW! Some of the benefits I’ve noticed is deeper sleep with VERY lucid dreams, allergies are a thing of the past, and my hair and skin have benefitted from the oil. Thanks for such a great product. I will be ordering the liter bottle here soon..

  2. Aqib

    Great oil
    Best on the market in my opinion quality and presentation wise.

  3. punk-e-punkz

    I cant emphasise how amazing this oil is! It truly is a miracle in a bottle!
    I did my research and found The BlessedSeed Blackseed Oil to have the best strengths of Thymoquinone & many of its other beneficial ingredients. I wont buy it from anywhere else.
    This is for life now…. (Because it works!) when nothing else has.
    I have seen *So many Health Benefits* not only on myself but Family & Friends too.

    I have an Auto-Immune condition of 28+yrs of Bad health with extreme pain and inflammation – along with all the heavy side effects of medication damage from this condition.
    For the 1st time in over 20+ yrs – I’m weaned down to 5mg of Cortisone; hoping to be totally off it soon.
    I have never been able to get that low a dose of Cortisone before my health goes extremely pair shaped, I always end up having to YoYo with doses between 25 to 10mg of Prendisone; end up being crippled at weaning to 10mg dose & then Backup again 25mg, this is very bad for your health – years of high doses Cortisone & for the 1st time in over 15+yrs. I am also losing weight. The Blackseed Oil has turned my body into a well oiled machine. Things are starting to work and get so much better. I walk daily & My Fitbit Steps are now between 9,500 to 15,000 steps per day.

    I cant recommend this Blessed OIL enough…
    I tell everyone I can *in hope they’ll get amazing health benefits; because its really that good!

    I like these 100ml bottles with the pouring aid – makes it easier to pour the oil onto a Teaspoon without spilling.
    I also buy the 1Lt Bottles too; but find it hard to pour because the bottle gets slippery and has no pouring aid/mechanism; the neck is open with just a safely lid. So I prefer having some spare empty smaller 100ml bottles & keep them to use from the larger 1lt bottles. The 1lt bottle will stay fresher’ if i keep refilling 100mls only from it; without the constant opening and allowing air to get to the 1Lt oil… Plus the 100ml doesn’t take as much room up in the fridge 😉

    Please take the PLUNGE if you haven’t tried the Blessed Oil = You wont regret it! 🙂

    For those with Sensitive Tummy’s…. I had one too. Bad Reflux and Burping etc. I no longer need Medication for the Bad Reflux & Tummy issues. 1st time users may experienced a little enhanced Burping or some after taste of the oil… Please know it will pass soon enough if your persevere; its just your body adjusting to the Blackseed oil.
    BEST OF HEALTH 2U all <3 Kaz. Australia

  4. Nancy Kulik

    Hello. I would like to say that I have found the original black seed oil very helpful and have recommended it to friends. I have used this oil in salad dressing, on my skin to heal skin irritations and I take a teaspoonful after meals. I find that it really does work and I am very grateful to God and to the Blessed Seed company for such a wonderful product! I hope to learn more about it and share what I learn with people who would be interested. Many thanks!

  5. Debbie Cullen

    Received my black seed oil this morning can’t wait to try it thanks

  6. leisa8591

    Ordered 2 bottles of the original strength black seed oil and my husband and me have finished one bottle so far, I really think it is great. Actually just ordered a 1 liter bottle of the strong black seed oil.

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