STRONG Black Seed Oil – 1 Litre

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Containing 3.3 – 4 % of volatile oil, our 1-liter bottle of strong black seed oil is the choice for individuals who’ve tried and tested the product. With higher content and properties, it works wonders! Click here to view Thymoquinone analysis report 2023

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The 1-liter bottle of strong black seed oil is a recommended purchase for individuals who have tried and tested the powers of the black seed oil and are looking to buy it for their family as well! It’s a great deal on the black seed oil, and something you’ll never find anywhere else.

With 3.3% to 4% of volatile oil, our strong black seed oil is 4-5 times more powerful than what’s available all across the world. Sourced from the most trusted suppliers providing the finest quality of Nigella Sativa seeds, we only provide 100% pure and cold pressed oils.

This maintains its powers and gives you the best of experiences. As a rule, the higher the volatile oil content, the better and the more powerful the oil becomes. We create the oils ourselves with companies who know and accept our requirements. That means producing the oil at the slowest speed possible creating the best cold press oil you may find.

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31 reviews for STRONG Black Seed Oil – 1 Litre

  1. Brian Black

    Best item ever taken
    This has helped my blood pressure tremendously. This is the best oil I have taken. I will be ording another bottle asap.

  2. Leah Borja

    This is the best item.
    This is the best item. It helps for immune system and kills cancer cells as my husband is diagnose with pancreatic cancer and CT scan results they are shrinking, awesome good news, I want to order another bottle ASAP.

  3. Michael Hodge

    100 percent satisfied
    Great product. Shipped timely. 100 percent satisfied.

  4. Robyn

    Very Satified!!

  5. Anne

    Absolutely wonderful oil, I will purchase this forever. It removed a pre cancerous lump near my husband’s eye. He put a bit of the oil on a cotton wool bud each day and dapped the lesion, it was gone in a few days. He is an optician and was amazed by this. He also takes it for an ear problem (hissing and blocked sore ear) which he had for 3 years, and all cleared up. We take a teaspoon 3 times a day with a bit of honey, which I am hoping will keep metastasis away, as I had colorectal cancer which a few of my family died from. I just discovered the oil this year. I am in remission and hope to stay that way. I Always had an organic healthy diet but unfortunately the cancer is strongly in my mother’s family. The oil has also cleared Disseminated superficial actinic porokeratosis from my lower legs (inherited from my father) and my legs are clear! I can’t praise this enough.

  6. Savannah

    With so many oils in the market today, I was confused as to which one was the right one, however went along with The Blessed Seed because they offered a stronger and more potent oil that also came in a 1 liter size. My husband was the guinea pig here. I began noticing a remarkable and amazing transformation first in his skin. He’d always had a rough dry patchy skin, large pores and some pigmentation. Within a few days I witnessed an incredible transformation. His skin went from patchy and rough to smooth and clear, so I began taking it as well. After a week I was blown away. Not only did my skin glow but something I never anticipated would happen happened. At the beginning of this year I had a nasty fall and broke my fibula badly. The doctors wanted me to operate, but I refused, so the healing took much longer. Eventually I was walking again however going up and down the stairs was a bit of a struggle as I always needed to hold onto the support because of stiffness and a little pain that never seemed to go away. After a week of taking 2 tsp of Black seed oil, strong, I found myself virtually running down, without needing to hold onto anything. The stiffness and pain was a thing of the past. It was a miracle! My skin has also continued to glow and get younger. Thank you Blessed Seed for this pure, wonderful and amazing product!!! So grateful.

  7. stacie.dudley

    I am a fibromyalgia sufferer and I’ve had it for 20+yrs I’ve took pills upon bills with No relief , I then found this oil , and I can honestly say , for the 1st time in my life I’ve got some relief, it’s absolute miracle, I’m able to do things I just couldn’t do , I still get pain but no where near as bad , it’s more manageable now , and I actually go to sleep at night , I take a teaspoon before bed with honey and I sleep like a baby , where as befor I’d wake all through the night in pain , I recommend this oil to anyone suffering from fibro or arthritis this is now my new medication , I’m slowing weening myself off my pills and hopefully this will be the only thing I take

  8. Ewe

    ordered this over a year ago. I had some left over, and recently have been experiencing thyroid, throat, inflammation and eye pain. Flu like symptoms. I started taking this a few days ago and my system is bouncing back. The burning, itching in my eye is all but gone. My thyroid/throat is healing well and I’m so glad.
    I will be purchasing this again for myself, my mom, and my best friend. Thank The Most High who sits on his throne, for giving us nature as our medicine. All praises to the God of Jacob for never forgetting His people.

  9. Barb

    It is helping a friend’s lung cancer shrink. He refused chemo, stating he would only accept and ingest natural products. He is in a legal medical cannabis state and has been taking medical cannabis oil along with creosote bush tea. His cancer still grew. So, when The Blessed Seed’s Strong Strength Black Cumin Seed Oil was added to his treatment regiment, his stage 3 lung cancer shrunk and has stablized. The customer support at The Blessed Seed has been outstanding and so kind. When a shipment got lost, they immediately sent a replacement when they became aware of my friend’s lung cancer battle. The lost shipment eventually showed up, but my friend’s treatment regiment was never interrupted due to the kind, caring, and understanding of The Blessed Seed’s customer support staff.

  10. Tom Martens

    From the first teaspoon full I knew there was something very special about this product. My sinuses immediately
    started to open further, and lungs felt more expansive. I’ve been using the product for less than a week and
    am getting results. I have been using oreganol oil for years and this Black seed oil is by far more powerful
    in a number of ways. Here are some more results I am experiencing: 2 times headaches disappeared within 10-15
    minutes of applying 2 drops to both temples and the back of neck, knee pain gone within 10-15 minutes, clears
    thinking, gives natural energy, have noticeably less eye mucus with improvement continuing and eyesight seems to be
    improving also, just feel stronger and have better overall attitude…I will be doing this oil the rest of my life……Sincerely, tOM

  11. Joeqyna Bolirinno

    I am using blessed seed products for eczema and other health issues and I have found black seed to work miraculously when used the hardest part is remembering to take it consistently but when taken my eczema clears up my digestive works well and I generally feel healthier and well with a healthier attitude.
    Blessed seed is an excellent product being organic and cold pressed is the best on the market today.

  12. beverley.harry

    I have been using the regular black seed oil for ten days now, for myself and my children. We all have different reasons for having it and I can start to see small positive changes already. I look forward to using the oil on a long term basis and seeing more positive results. Delivery and contact with the company has been excellent as well, thank you!

  13. sgardner49

    Stephen Gardner – February 16, 2019
    I have been using the Strong Black Seed Oil for almost 6 months now and have noticed that my immune system is quite a bit stronger than previously. Just recently, symptoms of a cold did not stay on me very long, only a couple of days versus 2 – 3 weeks. I have noticed that some skin issues that I have been dealing with are beginning to clear up. Also, I have experienced joint pain relief from Osteo-Arthritis in my hips and knees as a result of taking the Strong Black Seed Oil. This is an excellent product and would highly recommend it to anyone who has experienced these issues in their body. It cost more than most of the products on the market but as the old saying says, “you get what you pay for.”

  14. juicyjackson73

    I have used regular strength Back Seed Oil and ground Black Seeds from other suppliers – but nothing compares to this Strong Black Seed Oil by The Blessed Seed.
    The benefits are noticeable very soon after starting to take it, and it’s had a marvellous effect on the various imbalances within myself.
    Because of this, I will never go back to using an inferior product again. I definitely recommend this product!

  15. cavasta

    Superb product. I lead a very active life – I have a physically demanding job and do a lot of cycling. As a result, my legs take a bit of a pounding. Two teaspoons of strong BSO a day (as well as a healthy diet) taken throughout the day in 4 x half teaspoon doses helps my legs recover ready for the next day’s work or the next training session. It also contributes to smooth, healthy skin and in getting a good night’s sleep (which also aids recovery). Highly recommend this product.

  16. starlite9

    Very good quality oil and strong. I have tried other supplier’s products before and this is by far the best. I also purchased the strong capsules which are easier to take. Has helped lower blood pressure and joint pain. Very satisfied with the purchase. The items arrived sooner than expected and the customer service is exceptional. I definitely recommend this product and seller.

  17. elvinhadzic

    Great service! Great oil! They will truly ship anywhere, I had a package delivered to Bosnia in two weeks. I am so happy that I could buy it from USA and have it delivered to Bosnia for my grandparent’s.

  18. Jenni’fer Chapman

    Black Seed Oil, is the BEST homeopathic oil a person can take. It is the only natural medicine I take. Recently, had a physical…..perfect health. My nails are growing, my skin is healthy, and I feel great.
    Excerise, eat healthy, alkaline water and BLACK SEED OIL, is my daily routine.
    I have recommended BLACK SEED OIL, to my family and friends with EXCELLENT RESULTS!!

  19. arbeaudoin8

    I have been using Strong Black Seed Oil for 2 years now. I start each morning with “my tea”, 2 tsp. BSO and 1tsp. of honey in about 8oz. warm water. It’s the first thing I do everyday. It has helped with inflammation in my body. My dentist has even noticed it in my gums. As I have periodontal disease. I have arthritis in both knees, one I have had arthroscopic surgery. I do believe this oil has helped and continues to help me everyday. Not only with inflammation but all of the other good benefits it has. I actually like the taste of it now, I welcome it everyday. Great stuff!!!

  20. kate

    Love this product! Oil from The Blessed Seed company is by far the best I have tried over the last 10 years. Prompt delivery too.

  21. Greg Davis

    Excellent product. Shipped timely and product is top quality. Notice positive benefits already. 5/5.

  22. johnd

    Turning 70 soon. This oil is the most important supplement in my family’s lifetime. The improvements for us are remarkable. Dramatic lessening of the symptoms of vertigo and arthritis. Chronic skin conditions with major improvement.
    I feel and act 5-10 years younger at least. Energy is so up. 203 teaspoons in a bottle. 3 teaspoons a day. 1 bottle lasts almost 7 months for one person. Even at retail that’s ridiculously economical. We have 22 bottles stored now and plan on 10 more. Almost forgot, big improvement in sleep thank You God. Our 16 year old dog gets the oil everyday. Same benefits. I no longer have to take the vertigo prescriptions. HUGE!!!!! In one month I was able to quit them. It’s been a month without needing them. WOW!!!!! Do I sound like a salesman? No. Just an old man feeling young again. As much as possible I would urge anyone to get this oil. It’s guaranteed!!! It’s from GOD! I pray you will try it and benefit.

  23. elvinhadzic

    Amazing service 👏 I have family in Bosnia and was able to get product to them in less than a week. Can’t say enough good things about the company!!! This was my 3rd time ordering from USA and having it shipped to Bosnia. I highly recommend theblessedseed it’s the only Blackseed oil I buy and recommend.

    Thank you,

  24. johnd

    This oil has changed our family dramatically. Just ordered 12 more strong bottles. Could not believe the discount!
    Happy to see our review up from May. I cannot express how thankful we are to have your oil. Cannot express how much
    healthier I am at near 70. Dealing with serious health challenges and your oil enables me to manage super well. My son and dog get it 3 x’s a day. We are all deeply affected. Writing this with a kleenex in my hand. Many tears of joy for what your oil has done and continues to do. Will be ordering more soon. Weeping is closer to my reality at this moment. Thanks times a million. I pray for your company and that many can experience this. This is better than gold. Love to you.

  25. johnd

    My heart cries for those who are unaware of or unable to have this black seed oil. My previous posts explain. I am just in awe in what has done for our family and our dog.

  26. jd

    After having tried many brands (which I will not name, but most of the ones you’ll find online, I have tried), I’ve come to the conclusion that The Blessed Seed’s products are far superior to every other offering. I usually buy the Strong oil, but even the original strength oil is more potent than just about everything else on the market.

    It may seem expensive at first, but you are getting a lot of bang for your buck compared to the low quality oil you’ll find elsewhere. This is the real, unadulterated deal. I highly recommend you buy from this company above all others.

  27. ywar137

    Excellent product & great service… Highly recommended!
    Thank you.

  28. scorpiusleo

    I have been a regular customer of black seed oil for several years. It’s a wonderful product not only as a supplement but also for applying on the skin and even the gums of your teeth. It helps to heal external wounds fast and maintain good health and prevent illnesses. Highly recommended.

  29. LoveBSO

    This is authentic black seed oil. The right dark amber color with good fresh aroma of black seed oil. Black seed oil helps with ailments.

  30. Betty Panfil

    I order small bottle from Amazon and the oil is not so grate quality,
    To compare to STRONG Black Seed Oil yours oil is 100% pure I can fell and the colour are different more black…
    Thank you so much ,definitely going order again 🫡


    This oil is superb! I have been taking this Strong black seed oil for just over 3 months now after searching and searching for a well reviewed brand online I then stumbled across this blessed seed site. I purchased due to many health issues that I want to work on and improve such as strengthening my immune system, HPV and continuous abnormal cell smears (non cancerous), type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. In June this year I had my HBA1c blood test which was 79 and I then redone this 3 months later ( September) and the results have dramatically improved from 79 to 53! I have done nothing else that would’ve helped this apart from taking my black seed oil (Strong) which I take 3x teaspoons daily first thing in the morning with all my medication then breakfast or a hot drink. My doctor is astonished even the diabetic nurses want to know what I have done. Thanks to Blessed seed and your amazing product which I hope will continue to bring down my sugar levels and improve my other health issues. I am so happy I came across your site. Although the oil has a very strong after taste and most days I quince at having to take it I persevere as I know it is doing me good. I now take with a little honey mixed together as I read on reviews that most customers do this and it is more palatable. This is now my lifetime regime. And I greatly recommend 100%

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