STRONG Black Seed Oil Capsules – 150 x 500mg (made with organic strong oil)

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Black seed oil can have a taste that may be too powerful so capsules are the answer. Strong black seed oil containing organic oil with high thymoquinone content. This is backed up by our analysis of 4.8% essential oil content and thymoquinone of 2.78% so you know our claims are true.

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This product is only 93% organic and cannot be certified as it does not reach the required threshold of 95%.
Halal gelatin capsules (150 x500mg) for a more convenient and easier way to use the product. Great for traveling, our capsules are completely mess-free!

Our strong black seed oil capsules, although more expensive than the oil, are a very convenient option for those living a fast-paced life or just wanting an easier method to use the product. Containing a high content of volatile oil and thus higher properties our strong black seed oil capsules are pre-measured for you.

All you have to do is pop them in with a little bit of water! Another advantage of using black seed oil capsules is that they don’t leave any aftertaste at all. So, if you want to enjoy the properties of our strong black seed oil but do not like the taste, our strong black seed oil capsules are amazing for you!

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4 reviews for STRONG Black Seed Oil Capsules – 150 x 500mg (made with organic strong oil)

  1. plplatt

    These black seed oil tablets are excellent, been taking them for a few years now & wouldn’t be without them! Definitely helping to keep me healthy! Delivery very quick. Would definitely recommend!

  2. dionne3

    I have used black seed oil for the last 2 years and have tried from renowned health products providers. However I did have problems strength wise, as on a few occasions I questioned if there was any actual black seed oil in the products I had purchased! I was a little sceptical purchasing from Blessed Seed for this exact reason, but was amazed!!!!!! Strong actually meant strong!! Love it, will never go elsewhere again! 5 stars Blessed Seed your products are amazing.

  3. plplatt

    These are excellent capsules, I know they are helping to keep me healthy. Always arrives promptly, definitely recommend them!

  4. elizabethelthos

    Excellent quality 👌 thanks very much they keep me healthy.

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