Black Seed Oil Capsules – 60 x 500mg

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Our black seed oil capsules typically contain about 1% of volatile oil. It is 100% pure, cold pressed black seed oil packaged in halal beef gelatin capsules.

Please note – our Normal strength capsules were previously known as Mild capsules

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The Blessed Seed completely understands that not everyone likes to take oil and that’s why our black seed capsules are wonderful. They come in a sealed plastic container, and the capsules are an advantage to anyone who’s looking for convenience. The amount is premeasured, of course, so you don’t have to worry about how much you’re taking.

Our black seed oil capsules are also great for anyone who isn’t able to tolerate the aftertaste and flavor of black seed oil but still wants to enjoy its powers and properties. By using black seed oil capsules, you get to experience the powers of black seed without putting almost any effort in! And the 60 capsule bottles are perfect to keep the capsules fresh and travel friendly.

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2 reviews for Black Seed Oil Capsules – 60 x 500mg

  1. Rafiq

    I bought these capsules after doing some research as I suffer from eczema. I take one each morning on an empty stomach and can feel it’s effects after about 15 minutes. You will start to burp so it’s good if you have indigestion! There are many ways you can eat these capsules but I think they work best on an empty stomach if you suffer from indigestion. My wife has confirmed this for me!

    Different ways of taking this depending on the health issue you have so do your research. The only issue I had was my wife started to take these on a daily basis as they really worked for her; now I have to order some more for myself!

  2. J.J Sylvester

    I have been suffering from very bad chest infections, throats, loss of energy and bad congestion once/twice a year from as far as I can remember.

    Last year I slept on my knees because I couldn’t breath laying down I had to take antibiotics etc to loosen the congestion on the chest.
    Since I started taking this stuff daily, around the time I normally get the chest infection, I just got a cough and congestion (phlegm) just keep coming up it was not painful at all. I could sleep, no breathing issues no pain and no loss of energy just a cough expelling the congestion.

    A few months later I woke up with a terrible sore throat like razors in the throat and by evening it was COMPLETELY gone I didn’t take anything else for it. I don’t know if this prevents anything but from my experience whatever invades your body seems to get aggressively kicked out really fast. Another plus is that you will/may lose a bit of stubborn weight also as it balances insulin levels.
    There is NOTHING apart from antibiotics no multivitamin or other medicine that I have taken over the years that treats flu and congestion the way Black seed oil has. My credit goes to this product also, they must be doing something right.

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