Health and Nutritional Boost



Using a Health and Nutritional Boost bundle can help your special ones feel and look their best after a massive indulgence! It’s the perfect set that you might need around winter times.

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The best thing about this bundle is that it doesn’t just contain halal black seed oil capsules but also vegetarian royal jelly capsules and vegan bee pollen capsules. And that’s not it! You also get propolis tablets that are known for their use in Chinese as well as other countries for their high properties.

Bundle Contents –
  • Strong Black Seed Oil Capsules 90 x 500mg | The Blessed Seed1x Strong Black Seed Oil Capsules 90 x 500mg
  • Bee Pollen1x Bee Pollen 90 x 500mg
  • Propolis tablets 90 x 1000 mg | The Blessed Seed1x Propolis tablets 90 x 1000mg
  • Royal Jelly1x Royal Jelly Vegetarian capsules 90 x 500mg
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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