Black Seed Balm


Free from petrochemicals, this beeswax formula is blended with organic Ylang Ylang and Eucalyptus essential oils – a unique combination.

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Ylang Ylang essential oils are used for a lot of reasons for its high properties. It’s the best black seed balm in the whole market.

Eucalyptus essential oils are often used by a lot of people who keep coming back to it as it basically became part of their routines. It’s a product that you just can’t get enough of.

Use of beeswax instead of petrochemical will make the use of balm kinder to you and it won’t block your pores. It also does not leave a greasy feel when you apply it. Not to mention its beautiful scent that leaves people addicted.

The scent is not overpowering and it’s gentle enough for a child over 3 years of age to use.

The balm can also be used at whatever time you wish and when you feel like it. The black seed balm will be the balm that is 100% sufficient for you; it’s because it’s made for you.

Simply apply to the area of skin you wish and let the balm sink into your skin. Alternatively rub into the temple area, pulse or pressure points for that uplifting feeling. It’s a product that will ultimately give you the good vibes you deserve in your life.

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2 reviews for Black Seed Balm

  1. 13ppat

    What an amazing product! I’ve bought lots of various balms but this one really uplifts me positively and doesn’t clog my skin like other balms that have chemicals in . Thanks blessed seed my breathing is helped too!

  2. helenlakey

    I randomly bought this because I love and trust The Blessed Seed products. I’m glad I did. So, it’s used like Tiger Balm, I guess, but it’s SO much nicer with the ylang ylang, but just as effective (if not more!!). Have used it for headaches, insect bites and yesterday I crushed my finger quite badly and in desperation rubbed it on and magically no pain and no bruise. I highly recommend this balm.

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