Frequently Asked Questions

You may use this as a guideline for taking the blessed seed oil. Black Seed Oil Dosage
We have listed few benefits, please review the below link. Black Seed Oil BenefitsYou may also go through our blog to learn more about it
We are the only company that supplies three different strengths of the oil based on the volatile oil content. No other company gives you this choice.Mild Black Seed Oil Even though we call this ‘mild’, it typically contains 1.2% of volatile oil, which is the maximum you will find in most other brands on the market. Some have been found to be as low 0.3%. Mild is the perfect choice for an introduction to black seed and is also suitable for infants and children, as well as sensitive individuals or those whose health is compromised.Original Black Seed Oil The original oil typically contains between 1.5% and 1.7% of volatile oil, making it stronger than the majority of oils available. If you are already familiar with black seed and need something a bit more powerful, this is a good option.Strong Black Seed Oil Our most powerful oil contains 4.3-4.9% of volatile oil. This is the strongest oil currently available and 3-4 times more powerful than most others. This potent oil is a good step up from the original and is particularly effective for asthma and respiratory problems.
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