The Best Black Seed Oil

Black seed was rediscovered in Germany over 15 years ago. The blessed seed was little known and it was the cure of a famous showhorse and a politician of asthma in Germany that started off a huge interest in the oil.
The interest that was created from these cures was pioneered from an Egyptian company that had helped the Dr and his daughter to cure their horse.
horse and asthma - The Best Black Seed OilThe results were astounding. Within days of applying black seed to the horse’s feed the oxygen apparatus was no longer needed. Within 1 month the horse was back at shows and winning medals again.
This stunned Dr Schleicher who applied the blessed seed to an important politician, also suffering from acute asthma. His cure alerted the DR to take this product seriously and he was the head of 5 major studies to see the healing capabilities of this incredible healing herb.
The blessed seed and its healing capabilities was noted by a TV health guru and black seed oil can be now found in nearly every chemist and health food shop in Germany.

TV - The Best Black Seed Oil


The blessed seed was a big seller. Whether naively or for the greater interest of their own sales the Egyptian company that had recommended to the DR to use black seed informed all parties that were interested that the best seeds grow in Egypt.
Now nearly every company advertise as selling Egyptian black seed oil.
Dr Peter Schleicher himself writes that the best seeds come from Egypt in his famous book “Black Cumin by Peter Schleicher and Saleh Mohamed”
On enquiring to the company involved, we were informed that there was a university study in US where they collected samples from around the world. The best sample they observed was from Egypt.
When asked how many samples were involved we were informed 5 samples. ( hardly enough samples to make such a large claim)
When asked for the study they were unable to find as they had a new secretary.
On searching the internet such a study is not available.
“The nature of reality is this: It is hidden, and it is hidden, and it is hidden.” Rumi
When taking a deeper study as to where the best seeds come from we have found a different scenario.
The great interest rose in the fact that the blessed seed oil can vary greatly in strength.
This variation can range from a mild tasting oil to a very strong and pungent oil.
After doing research we found that this variation would arise from the content of volatile oil.
Consequently we sent our oil for analysis especially for the content of volatile oil.
The results were very enlightening as to where the best seed actually come from.
We had 4 different analysis to compare. They had 3 different strengths of oil where the seeds originated from India or Ethiopia. They also had an analysis from the Egyptian based company in Germany claiming to have the best seeds.
The volatile content of oil
  • From the Egyptian based company in Germany 1.2%
  • From the first sample of seed from India 1.2%
  • From the second sample of seed from India 1.6%
  • From the sample of seed from Ethiopia 4.5%
The content of 4.5% from Ethiopian seeds was the biggest surprise as all literature had written that the content of volatile oil in black seed oil ranged from 0.5% -1.5%. 4.5% is 3 times higher than the figure that was initially claimed for the black seed volatile oil’s content.
Consequently they have reached a very different conclusion.
Their conclusion is that the best seeds do not have to come from Egypt.
The best seeds will come from the best farmers whether they are from Egypt or USA or anywhere in the world (the blessed seed grows best in hot countries.). The hybrid of the seed will also have a determination on the quality of seed produced. All good farmers know this.
Nigella farm - The Best Black Seed OilThe stronger oil of 4.5% is 3-4 times the stregth of most black seed oil found in the market. This oil is particularly useful for respiratory problems, colds and flu.