A customer had a mysterious respiratory problem/ allergy/ asthma. For 9 weeks they were in and out of hospital awaiting to be seen by respiratory specialists. They were put on 2 courses of prednisolone steroids, 2 courses of different antibiotics, 3 courses of eye drops, 3 different types of anti histamines, steroid nasal sprays, and 2 inhalers a steroid based preventer and a blue reliever, all of which had not worked apart from giving horrendous side effects especially the steroids !

They abstained from all those drugs but had to rely on the reliever inhaler because they just couldn’t breath without it !

They used the black seed oil for a week and the eye infection was gone ?!? They only had to use the inhaler once in this week !!! which was amazing in itself because they used the blue inhaler 3-4 times a day.

They will keep taking the black seed oil as they are aware it takes a while to work – but they have been very impressed and grateful for the immediate results. Only after a week of taking it their lethargy had gone , their eye infection had gone, their respiratory symptoms had improved so they look forward to the more potent blend when it comes out.