Syed K I Shah FRCSI, Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dear Daniel,

Thank you for your kind service and words. I am an Orthopaedic Surgeon and so far have suffered more then 4 heart attacks. Alhamdullilh, they did not damage my heart. I have angioplasties twice and on third occasion it was thought that it may not work. I am taking medication as advised by my Cardiologist. I also suffer from Diabetes and taking oral medications.

I started taking Blessed seed Oil for more then two months and it is amazing. My blood sugar was only 3.5 mmol this morning and on many other occasions. I have reduced my medications and I am keeping an eye on my blood sugar.

I can walk my normal gait now ( brisk walk almost like running). I am sleeping well with good energy. I have no breathlessness and can play golf regularly. I have stopped tablets for angina as there is no need for it. I will be seeing my GP after 2 months and will do all my blood tests.

I feel good and I hope many more will use the Blessed seed Oil and benefit from it. Our Beloved Prophet Mohammed Sallalhu alieha wa salam is truly a blessing for the mankind and the Universe. Peace and blessing be upon him and all the Prophets before him. Ameen Ameen Ameen.

By the way I have been working all these years and have taken less then 10 weeks sick leave during 30 years of service ( Alhamdullilah). (All praise to God)