Hi Daniel,

I forgot to mention, that through taking massive amounts of antibiotics throughout my life, I have candida right through my system, there is nowhere I don’t have it.

Since I have been taking the blessed seed oil & caps, I have noticed that my tongue, that is usually brown & yellow, has gone & is now white. When I first got the candida, that is how it started, so i feel it is now reversing. I am so happy that a friend put up a link about black cumin seed oil & I have at last found something I really believe is working.

I have no faith in the doctors drugs, as I believe they just mask an illness & don’t deal with it at root level. I have been on pills for my gallstones for about 6mths, I researched them & I know they just stop the acid coming up, yet the same pills can cause candida. I have now stopped taking them since I started the black seed & all is good.

So again, many thanks for your wonderful product.

Many Regards,