I am pleased to say that your black cumin seed oil has made a big difference to my health as I have had a lot of pain with my digestive system.
I was diagnosed with H pylori a while back and had antibiotics which caused me to get a build up of candida in my system. I have come to the conclusion after trying the capsules that the bottled version works better for me, therefore I have ordered a lot more of it.

Would it be safe enough for me to take a teaspoon 3 times a day as I feel that this could work even better. It definitely gives me a lot of pain relief in my gut, so I’m hoping that at some point I will be totally cured of what ever is going on in my digestive system.

I must confess that I did purchase a different brand of the oil online on a whim whilst ordering some other products, just for convenience really and the quality seemed inferior to ‘The Blessed Seed’ brand. (You have to learn by your own mistakes).

Just want to add that when I have felt a bit queasy/nauseous/stomach cramps etc for whatever reason, I have taken a spoonful and I have had almost immediate relief. (Amazing!)

Kind regards,