I have been taking Black Cumin Seed Oil since August 2011 to help treat my Psoriasis. My Psoriasis at that time was extremely virulent and was constantly on my mind. I have been taking a teaspoon full of oil in the morning and a teaspoon full in the evening and within two weeks of starting, noticed a marked reduction in the extent of my Psoriasis. Improvement continued but eventually reached a limit.I am always singing the praises of this oil to friends and family. Although my Psoriasis has not completely gone away it is now at a level which is bearable.

Prior to having found your website and reading the testimonials I had always understood that the oil was always taken internally. I then read that the oil could be applied directly to Psoriasis lesions. This I have done for a couple of days and have already noticed a marked improvement.

I hope this information is useful.