Fiona Shakeela Burns

Bristol, UK

My 9 year old ex-Greyhound Bella had a non-healing wound on her foot in the site of an old injury. The problem went on for around 3 months and the vet said that the only option was to amputate the toe.
I am a herbalist and believe in the power of natural healing, so kept looking for alternative solutions.

I tried many things including Comfrey, Calendula, manuka honey, Oregano oil, Grapefruit seed extract. I used poultices of Slippery elm mixed with other herbs, such as Plantain and Comfrey. I got more and more frustrated and upset as the wound just refused to heal. Then, just as I was on the point of resorting to an operation, my pet insurance company decided that she would not be covered for treatment, meaning I was looking at a £2000 bill as my vet also wanted to MRI scan it!

Eventually I found the answer in a combination of 3 products: Curcumin (extract from Turmeric), Frankinsense and Black seed oil. Interestingly when I ran out of the Black seed oil, the problem flared up again! This made me realise that the main thing making the difference was the Black seed oil.

I am so delighted to have found the answer and Bella continues to take all 3 products. I pour the oil on her food and she seems to like it! It is so lovely to see her racing round the field again at top speed!
I take the oil myself now and have also started to prescribe it to many of my clients – it is too early days so far to say what difference it is making but watch this space! I find the quality of the oil to be of a very high standard.

Fiona Shakeela Burns
MNIMH Medical herbalist