I use the Blessed seed oil for practically everything, from an upset stomach to Sinisitus and with fantastic results.

I won`t ever be without it now. I do also have and use a capsule form. I do prefer to take the Blessed seed oil straight, either on a spoon or mixed with some fruit juice. I take it every morning and every evening – 1 teaspoon, because I like to maintain my good health. I have found that its an excellent digestive aid and general system cleanser; helps to keep my skin clear and I have put it directly on cuts and scrapes – I use it for nearly everything!!!

I am an asthmatic, but thankfully I dont suffer with attacks (used to as a child) and I find that since taking the oil, if I get a cold, it is quickly dispelled – normally it would settle on my chest and before long, I’d end up with a chest infection but not now.

A few months ago I suffered a gum infection and abcess (extremely painful) and in the end I was given 3 sets of antibiotics to get rid of it, because I ended up being allergic to the first one. After the gum infection and abcess had cleared, I was left with very little resistance to infection generally, and after suffering quite a severe and long head cold, I developed Sinisitus. My skin was a mess and I felt very run down.

I popped to the doctors who said I needed another course of anibiotics – I refused and walked out – I just couldn’t go through another course of treatments.

I started taking my oil and literally after a few days, I could feel my blocked sinuses were clearing and I could taste it..not very nice, but necessary!!

After about a week I was practially back to normal. No thumping headaches, no light sensitivity and no antibiotics.!! My skin cleared and was normal again. My little miracle in a bottle..;

I have recommended and passed it on to many members of my family, friends and colleagues and they enjoy it to!

I hope this helps. Take care,