Transitional STRONG Black Seed Oil – 1 Litre

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Hand Grown Strong Black Seed Oil is a great choice for adults who want to experience the power of the Nigella Sativa seeds quickly. The 1 liter bottle of our strong black seed oil contains 3.4% – 3.5% of volatile oil.

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As the pioneering company of black seed and the first company to identify that the strengths can vary we have prepared the process to provide you with organic strong black seed oil.
In fact to acquire a strong black seed you need to find farms in very hot climates such as Ethiopia and Bangladesh for example. However these countries do not have a correct organic body to attain certification. We had invited an international organic body to fly in to inspect our farms in Bangladesh so we can attain just that. This has all been held up by the coivd and there has been no access to our land from overseas nor have they wanted to take the risk in these uncertain times.

However we have maintained the use of all organic material on our lands but are presently not able to offer certification.

One of the great obstacles to becoming certified organic is the 36 month transition period that any farm must go through before being granted organic certification. That equals to 3 years of the extra work and expenses without getting paid the premium prices commanded by certified organic crops. Coupled with the pandemic this has become an uphill battle especially as the body that inspects foreign countries the USDA have now extended their buffer zones which means the land we have cultivated would now not be accepted as organic.

We therefore offer our products that have been grown on this land as hand grown as all the farming uses minimal machinery and is mostly farmed by hand.

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