Propolis Tablets – 90 x 1000 mg

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Our Propolis tablets (90 x 1000 mg) are popularly used for their exceptional properties. They are a common as well as natural product that will leave you amazed by its powers!

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Each of our tablets contains Propolis resins that are equivalent to 1000 mg of raw Propolis, and its high strength acts as a great natural and exceptional product.

Propolis tablets are suitable to everyone, no matter your age, or sex! If you’re looking for a naturally produced product, our Propolis tablets are it. Produced by bees, without it, the beehive would not be able to function as it’s an integral part of the bee colony’s system.

It’s also commonly known for its high properties and powers. If you’re trying to get most of the natural world then our propolis tablets are your perfect chance to experience nature on a regular basis.

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2 reviews for Propolis Tablets – 90 x 1000 mg

  1. kemilolade

    Propolis has been working for me excellently to reduce inflammation and boost my immune system for over a year now and have been strong while taking propolis. It’s a reliable herbal product that can boost the immune system especially during this pandemic of covid 19. I recommend it for low immune system patient and you can trust to be alright. Thanks Lolah

  2. eesra.mohammad

    Ive been suffering from phlegm in my lungs for almost 4 years to the point I would weeze during sleep, I put it down to inflammation.
    since taking this I have noticed a immediate difference I would go as far as to say its completely gone!
    Some say the healing is in the product I say the healing comes from the intent of the one that serves for the sake of love
    Well done guys keep up the good honest work

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