ORGANIC MILD Black Seed Oil – 100ml

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For a less pungent, milder black seed oil our organic mild black seed oil is the best! Containing 1.2% of volatile oil, it’s sourced from suppliers that meet EU requirements for organic certification.

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Organic mild black seed oil is ideal for infants, children, sensitive individuals and even the elderly. You can of course also buy it if you just like all things organic! Our black seed oil is 100% pure, cold pressed, made from the finest quality of Nigella Sativa seeds, and sourced from trusted suppliers who meet all EU requirements for organic certification.

The 1.2% of volatile oil content is milder than our other products and less pungent as well. Moreover, the brown glass bottle only helps to preserve the oils goodness and also comes with a unique anti-spill pourer. There’s nothing to lose when you buy our organic mild black seed oil, and well, if you’re left unsatisfied, you can always send us back even the empty bottle and get your money back!

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