Can Black Seed Oil Really Cure All Diseases Except Death?

What if you found a product that could cure everything? That right, a product that is basically the remedy for all diseases. Let’s talk about Black Seed Oil. Extracted from Nigella sativa plant, black seed oil cures everything except death. I know you are asking yourself one question, does black seed oil cure everything except […]

regenerate bone tissue

Can You Use Bee Propolis to Regenerate Bone Tissue?

There’s nothing that quite matches the exhilarating feeling of exercise. Even going for a short run will pump your body full of endorphins and leave you feeling absolutely amazing. And of course, there are those who love this feeling so much that they push their bodies to the limit. Athletes constantly test the limits of […]

bee propolis combats ageing

The Amazing Ways to Bee Propolis Combats Ageing

In our last article we spoke about how Bee Propolis can help regenerate bone tissue. But there is another little-known secret about Bee Propolis. It’s capable of combating the signs of ageing in all sorts of different ways. If you’re feeling like Father Time’s leaning a little too heavily on your shoulders, consider using Bee […]

black seed for cancer patients

Can Black Seed Oil Really Help Cancer Patients

There are few things more devastating in life than to receive a cancer diagnosis. Life gets put on hold. You have something inside of your own body that’s eating away at you and, at times, you may feel helpless. Even if you haven’t been diagnosed yourself, you likely know someone who has received a cancer […]

health benefits of fasting

The Surprising Health Benefits of Fasting

With Ramadhan just around the corner, many of you may be preparing to start fasting. It’s an important time of year, with fasting acting as a way for you to improve your self-control and to better and appreciate all that God has given you. But there’s something else about fasting that you may not realise. […]

insomnia cure

Struggling to Sleep – Black Seed Oil May Be the Answer

You’re settling down after a hard day at work. Your head finally hits the pillow and you think you’re going to slip into a deep sleep. But then, half an hour goes by and nothing. You toss and turn to get yourself more comfortable. Then, you look at the clock. An hour’s gone by. And […]


Improve Your Eye Health and Battle Glaucoma with Black Seed Oil

Let’s be honest for a moment. It can feel like your body starts to fight against you as you get older. You’ll notice it in your bones and muscles at first. It takes just a little bit longer to pull yourself out of bed in the morning. And it takes even longer to recover from […]


Black Seed Oil – Can it Help with Dementia?

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than to lose somebody that you love. Unfortunately, millions of people experience this feeling on a daily basis. Those living with people who have dementia often feel those painful pangs of loss. The person they once knew is still in there somewhere. But their condition has made it almost impossible for […]

insect bites

Soothe Those Pesky Insect Bites with Black Seed Oil

There’s nothing better than escaping the humdrum of life to enjoy a week or two on holiday. Gorgeous beaches, stunning blue seas, and the freedom that comes with knowing that you don’t have to worry about work or life for the next few days. You excitedly touch down at the airport and finally get to […]

black seed oil after pregnancy

Can Black Seed Oil Help You After Pregnancy?

There’s perhaps nothing more wonderful that you can do than to bring a new life into the world. You’ve grown your little family and the feelings of love for your new child wash over you. But as joyous an occasion as giving birth is…the whole process takes a massive toll on your body. You put […]

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