Our black seed oil is of the highest quality available, and we’re always working to ensure you receive the best quality service available. As you can tell from the customer testimonials below, our products work for the majority of people.

However – in the unlikely event that you feel our products do not work for you, we offer a full 30 day money back guarantee. We will even pay the costs of sending the products back to us (which may even be a completely empty bottle) – no questions asked.

  • Dear Daniel,

    Thank you for your kind service and words. I am an Orthopaedic Surgeon and so far have suffered more then 4 heart attacks. Alhamdullilh, they did not damage my heart. I have angioplasties twice and on third occasion it was thought that it may not work. I am taking medication as advised by my Cardiologist. I also suffer from Diabetes and taking oral medications.

    I started taking Blessed seed Oil for more then two months and it is amazing. My blood sugar was only 3.5 mmol this morning and on many other occasions. I have reduced my medications and I am keeping an eye on my blood sugar.

    I can walk my normal gait now ( brisk walk almost like running). I am sleeping well with good energy. I have no breathlessness and can play golf regularly. I have stopped tablets for angina as there is no need for it. I will be seeing my GP after 2 months and will do all my blood tests.

    I feel good and I hope many more will use the Blessed seed Oil and benefit from it. Our Beloved Prophet Mohammed Sallalhu alieha wa salam is truly a blessing for the mankind and the Universe. Peace and blessing be upon him and all the Prophets before him. Ameen Ameen Ameen.

    By the way I have been working all these years and have taken less then 10 weeks sick leave during 30 years of service ( Alhamdullilah). (All praise to God)

    – Syed K I Shah FRCSI, Orthopaedic Surgeon
    Lancashire Teaching Hospitals, UK.

  • I use the Blessed seed oil for practically everything, from an upset stomach to Sinisitus and with fantastic results.

    I won`t ever be without it now. I do also have and use a capsule form. I do prefer to take the Blessed seed oil straight, either on a spoon or mixed with some fruit juice. I take it every morning and every evening – 1 teaspoon, because I like to maintain my good health. I have found that its an excellent digestive aid and general system cleanser; helps to keep my skin clear and I have put it directly on cuts and scrapes – I use it for nearly everything!!!

    I am an asthmatic, but thankfully I dont suffer with attacks (used to as a child) and I find that since taking the oil, if I get a cold, it is quickly dispelled – normally it would settle on my chest and before long, I’d end up with a chest infection but not now.

    A few months ago I suffered a gum infection and abcess (extremely painful) and in the end I was given 3 sets of antibiotics to get rid of it, because I ended up being allergic to the first one. After the gum infection and abcess had cleared, I was left with very little resistance to infection generally, and after suffering quite a severe and long head cold, I developed Sinisitus. My skin was a mess and I felt very run down.

    I popped to the doctors who said I needed another course of anibiotics – I refused and walked out – I just couldn’t go through another course of treatments.

    I started taking my oil and literally after a few days, I could feel my blocked sinuses were clearing and I could taste it..not very nice, but necessary!!

    After about a week I was practially back to normal. No thumping headaches, no light sensitivity and no antibiotics.!! My skin cleared and was normal again. My little miracle in a bottle..;

    I have recommended and passed it on to many members of my family, friends and colleagues and they enjoy it to!

    I hope this helps. Take care,

    – Beverley,

  • Dear Sir/Madam,
    I had to write to let you know of the good result I have had with your black seed oil.

    I suffered from candida (yeast infection) on my skin for approximately 3 years. It manifested itself like a nappy rash, and changed the colour of my skin from brown to pink.

    Let me tell you, that thing drove me crazy at times. My GP wrote numerous prescriptions for different creams to no avail. He then referred me to a Dermatologist who diagnosed candida. I continued to use the lotions and potions with no relief.

    My brother then found your company and recommended the black seed oil to me. When I used it for the first time, as soon as I applied it, I felt relief! The oil cleared up the candida within a week, and my skin colour is back to normal!

    Imagine, all that suffering for 3 years, then a cure within a week – it is truly the blessed seed! I am a Nurse, and I now recommend it to my patients.
    Thank you for selling this.

    Kind regards,

    – Samantha, Nurse

  • I am pleased to say that your black cumin seed oil has made a big difference to my health as I have had a lot of pain with my digestive system.
    I was diagnosed with H pylori a while back and had antibiotics which caused me to get a build up of candida in my system. I have come to the conclusion after trying the capsules that the bottled version works better for me, therefore I have ordered a lot more of it.

    Would it be safe enough for me to take a teaspoon 3 times a day as I feel that this could work even better. It definitely gives me a lot of pain relief in my gut, so I’m hoping that at some point I will be totally cured of what ever is going on in my digestive system.

    I must confess that I did purchase a different brand of the oil online on a whim whilst ordering some other products, just for convenience really and the quality seemed inferior to ‘The Blessed Seed’ brand. (You have to learn by your own mistakes).

    Just want to add that when I have felt a bit queasy/nauseous/stomach cramps etc for whatever reason, I have taken a spoonful and I have had almost immediate relief. (Amazing!)

    Kind regards,

    – Linda,

  • Hi, I have been taking blackseed oil capsules for some time now and I have to to tell you the results for me have been amazing.

    First — I have suffered the most painful leg cramps for many years and I can honestly say that since taking the capsules I have not had even one attack, it is truly a Godsend to me.
    Second — I have had postular psoriasis on the soles of my feet also for many years and no medication from the doctor has ever given me any relief but since taking the blackseed oil it has completely disappeared.

    I can only imagine what other benefits to my body are taking place but one thing you can be sure of is that I will continue on blackseed oil for the rest of my life and I make a point of telling everybody I come in contact with about this amazing thing.

    Thank you
    Charles Lippa UK

    – Charles Lippa,

  • Hello

    I use the blessed seed for asthma, I found that the “strong” oil from the blessedseed.com works much better that the oil I was using from the usa.

    I discovered black seed oil only 4 months ago as I was looking for a natural treatment for asthma because the steroid drugs do not work well for me, or at least well enough to justify the expense. Also the side effects of using steroids for long term is not good.

    thank you
    David Clegg

    – Mr David Clegg,

  • Dear The Blessed Seed

    We both feel better for taking the black seed oil.

    Keith is actually waking up less in the night, this has certainly lightened his mood and he has stopped taking the pills he was taking for his prostate problem due to the improvement. I have more energy and just feel so much better in myself.

    I recently rescued a dog who wasn’t in the best condition and when I put a little of the Blessed seed oil on her food I could see the improvement within a week, she is much better now and her fur is amazing.

    I would love for you to share how good I find your product. I read the reviews and decided to try it but I had no idea how delighted I would be with it and never thought it would make such a difference to us.

    We will definitely carry on taking the black seed oil and I will inform you of anymore improvements when I next order. Best regards and thank you for a great product that works


    – Mrs Mary Stephenson,
    Huddersfield, UK.

  • Hi Daniel,

    The black seed oil has been amazing for me and I no longer take my inhalers. I was using two inhalers before sleeping (green and brown) and would increase this if I had an infection. Also I would use a blue inhaler for emergencies if I was short of breath.

    I have recommended it to lots of my friends and people who suffer with different ailments.

    Best Wishes,

    – Steve Wiltshire,

  • A customer had a mysterious respiratory problem/ allergy/ asthma. For 9 weeks they were in and out of hospital awaiting to be seen by respiratory specialists. They were put on 2 courses of prednisolone steroids, 2 courses of different antibiotics, 3 courses of eye drops, 3 different types of anti histamines, steroid nasal sprays, and 2 inhalers a steroid based preventer and a blue reliever, all of which had not worked apart from giving horrendous side effects especially the steroids !

    They abstained from all those drugs but had to rely on the reliever inhaler because they just couldn’t breath without it !

    They used the black seed oil for a week and the eye infection was gone ?!? They only had to use the inhaler once in this week !!! which was amazing in itself because they used the blue inhaler 3-4 times a day.

    They will keep taking the black seed oil as they are aware it takes a while to work – but they have been very impressed and grateful for the immediate results. Only after a week of taking it their lethargy had gone , their eye infection had gone, their respiratory symptoms had improved so they look forward to the more potent blend when it comes out.

    – Unknown,

  • Dear Daniel,

    MashaAllah, what a pleasant surprise to see there is a follow up! This is a fantastic oil. I’ve used it sporadically but each time the results were nothing short of amazing. I had sore gums, which disappeared overnight after swishing a tsp of oil before bed. The pain was gone the morning after.

    I used it also on my 18months old chest and back last week and it rid him of his cough after two days! I used it alongside homemade syrup (raw honey, extra virgin olive oil and lemon) but I believe he got better rather fast thanks to the oil rub, alhamdulillah. He is not vaccinated so I am always looking at ways of supporting his immune system naturally when needed and this seems to fit the bill perfectly.

    My husband also uses it when he feels a cold coming in and each time it kills it in the bud. Now i’ve been using it for the past 3 days to help with a sluggish liver and I could feel it working right at the site of discomfort.

    I have one teaspoon left in the bottle and looking forward to receiving the next one soon. I will be ordering the seeds soon as I would like to try and make my own honey/crushed seeds mixture.

    Allah bless you and your family for providing us with such a beautiful product.
    Leila B UK

    – Leila B,

  • Dear Mr Goodwin,

    Just to let you know that I use the oil to lower blood pressure and blood sugar. I was recently diagnosed type 2 diabetes and refuse to take the ‘conventional’ drugs. Blood pressure is now within acceptable range and glucose levels have improved. Thank you for your excellent service.

    Kindest Regards
    Mr Fowler

    – Mr Fowler,
    Oxford, UK.

  • Dear Daniel,

    Let me tell you about the results of using the blessed seed oil. I initially took it for high blood pressure which I had after being in hospital for 18 months with bone cancer. I came out of the hospital feeling very weak and since taking the blessed seed oil my blood pressure has lowered and my strength has really increased. I was on 7 tablets from the Dr, I have reduced that to 3 and the most remarkable thing is my hair has started growing again. I now take the oil daily and would not be without it.

    Thankyou so much for having this product.

    – Rasool,

  • Hi Daniel,

    I forgot to mention, that through taking massive amounts of antibiotics throughout my life, I have candida right through my system, there is nowhere I don’t have it.

    Since I have been taking the blessed seed oil & caps, I have noticed that my tongue, that is usually brown & yellow, has gone & is now white. When I first got the candida, that is how it started, so i feel it is now reversing. I am so happy that a friend put up a link about black cumin seed oil & I have at last found something I really believe is working.

    I have no faith in the doctors drugs, as I believe they just mask an illness & don’t deal with it at root level. I have been on pills for my gallstones for about 6mths, I researched them & I know they just stop the acid coming up, yet the same pills can cause candida. I have now stopped taking them since I started the black seed & all is good.

    So again, many thanks for your wonderful product.

    Many Regards,

    – Sue,
    Cheshire, UK.

  • A few months ago I developed an itchy scaly rash on my face. I tried many natural oils and creams to get rid of this rash, but nothing worked. Then I remembered a friend had given me a bottle of black seed oil which I had left in my fridge.

    The very first time I used it, the rash on my face literally just peeled away. I was so amazed, I carried on using it and my skin cleared up within days. My bottle has finished and I have ordered some more which I will be using internally for hypertension.

    Patricia Mills

    – Patricia Mills,
    London, UK.

  • Daniel, Thanks for sending my order, its really a blessed seed. results are amazing, I am suffering from a nasal block due to Sinus / nasal polyp. I got this operated twice in 3 yrs. but again I was getting this block , was not able to sleep during nights. After using this blessed seed I am completely normal I can breath normal, and no blocks during nights.


    – Prashant,

  • I have been taking Black Cumin Seed Oil since August 2011 to help treat my Psoriasis. My Psoriasis at that time was extremely virulent and was constantly on my mind. I have been taking a teaspoon full of oil in the morning and a teaspoon full in the evening and within two weeks of starting, noticed a marked reduction in the extent of my Psoriasis. Improvement continued but eventually reached a limit.I am always singing the praises of this oil to friends and family. Although my Psoriasis has not completely gone away it is now at a level which is bearable.

    Prior to having found your website and reading the testimonials I had always understood that the oil was always taken internally. I then read that the oil could be applied directly to Psoriasis lesions. This I have done for a couple of days and have already noticed a marked improvement.

    I hope this information is useful.

    – Grahame,

  • My 9 year old ex-Greyhound Bella had a non-healing wound on her foot in the site of an old injury. The problem went on for around 3 months and the vet said that the only option was to amputate the toe.
    I am a herbalist and believe in the power of natural healing, so kept looking for alternative solutions.

    I tried many things including Comfrey, Calendula, manuka honey, Oregano oil, Grapefruit seed extract. I used poultices of Slippery elm mixed with other herbs, such as Plantain and Comfrey. I got more and more frustrated and upset as the wound just refused to heal. Then, just as I was on the point of resorting to an operation, my pet insurance company decided that she would not be covered for treatment, meaning I was looking at a £2000 bill as my vet also wanted to MRI scan it!

    Eventually I found the answer in a combination of 3 products: Curcumin (extract from Turmeric), Frankinsense and Black seed oil. Interestingly when I ran out of the Black seed oil, the problem flared up again! This made me realise that the main thing making the difference was the Black seed oil.

    I am so delighted to have found the answer and Bella continues to take all 3 products. I pour the oil on her food and she seems to like it! It is so lovely to see her racing round the field again at top speed!
    I take the oil myself now and have also started to prescribe it to many of my clients – it is too early days so far to say what difference it is making but watch this space! I find the quality of the oil to be of a very high standard.

    Fiona Shakeela Burns
    MNIMH Medical herbalist

    – Fiona Shakeela Burns, MNIMH Medical herbalist
    Bristol, UK.

  • I buy the capsules as I suffer from hayfever and dust allergies and can sometimes get very blocked up. I’ve found that taking the capsules regularly has really cut down on the number of sinus related illnesses I usually suffer from.

    – Ptissem,

  • Jan in Aberdeen has had good instant results with the black seed oil. She has horrendous toothache and gum disease and rubbed some oil on. “Brilliant, fantastic”, she said. “It relieved the pain, numbed the area.”

    – Jan,
    Aberdeen, UK.

  • Hi Daniel,

    I received your package this week… and WAUW! Your blackseed oil is AMAZING. I have tried many other brands, but yours is absolutely the best! Good job! I’m really proud of you, may God bless you.

    I really have to ask you again, please start producing and selling other oils for benefit of all of us. I’m telling you this, because your work is excellent and from the highest level. If you can do the same thing with for instance, olive oil, flaxseed oil, pure honey, etc. that will be amazing!

    Also, if you know any company or organization that you know and trust and have tested their products (other oils, or honey, etcetera) succesfully, can you please link me to them? I want to buy their products then.

    Take care my friend,

    – Arian,

  • Hi Daniel,
    I’ve been taking black seed oil – the Blessed Seed – here in England for only a few days, but I’ve also taken it before regularly for several months ( I got some in Guyana ) and can confirm that it does improve one’s digestion, mood and general health.

    At the moment I have a damaged arm and shoulder ( pain and swelling from a torn tendon ) and I’m also using it as an emollient and anti-inflammatory rub.
    It works. I intend to order some more before I travel again.

    Yours is beautifully bottled, tastes strong yet pleasantly smooth and is easy to pour even in separate drops. Very useful. One should not waste a single drop of the Blessed Seed.

    Michael G.’
    Georgetown, Guyana

    – Michael G,
    Georgetown, Guyana.

  • Hello Daniel,

    Both my mum and I take the blackseed oil in capsules twice a day and we have noticed that our digestive system performes a lot better while on and and it boosts our metabolism also. Hope this information helps.

    Sarah UK

    – Sarah,

  • Hi,

    The oil is wonderful it seems to cure lots of different ailments….and the quality is excellent. I use it as a food supplement add it to other oils to make a facial moisturizer etc. It is my family cure all !

    Paula UK

    – Paula,

  • Dear Daniel Goodwin,

    I make a habit of ordering 6 bottles a year from your company and take a teaspoon at night from September to March (one bottle lasting approximately a month) as this appears to ward of colds. I bought the oil a month earlier this year due to concerns over swine flu.

    Gordon Painter UK

    – Gordon Painter,

  • “I am very convinced about the healing capabilities of black seed oil but most of the oil on the market is not good. I hope that you will be consistent in the high quality of your oil.” – Bio Genial Health advisor to leading sports professionals in Germany.

    – Lotha Schubert,

  • “I was using another brand for my customers, but yours is much better.”

    David Parker.
    Steps to Health, Nutritionist

    – David Parker,

  • “I have not found a herb that clears the lymphatics and intestines so clearly and in such a gentle way.”

    – Antoine Pouget, Medical Herbalist

  • “I suffer from eczema. When it comes out I use your oil and it clears up very quickly.”

    – Abdullah,

  • “People are very happy with the Blessed Seed oil and keep coming back for more.”

    – The Olive Tree,

  • “I use it on my skin to give a good complexion.”

    – Rabiah,