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Cancer is an unforgiving disease that causes mutated cells to grow uncontrollably causing malignant tumours to form.

A certified cure is still yet to be discovered in the medical world; however, the ability to contain the effected region can be done using various medicines and chemotherapy.

Both techniques involve giving a great amount of radiation to the body to destroy malignant cells. The risks involved in this are obvious, not only is an overdose of radiation in danger of causing greater damage to the body but chemotherapy is not an economically feasible solution for all patients.

Natural remedies

echinaceaMedical breakthrough has been made with respect to cancer research with the help of natural remedies. Black Seed, also known as Nigella Sativa, is a plant that grows annually and is visually identified by its unique grayish-blue flowers.

The name, Black Seed, is given due the pods within the plant that contain the black seeds. These Black Seeds have now proven to posses anti-cancerous nutrients that fight off the mutated cells present in cancerous patient.

The constituents of the seed possess a variety of fixed and essential oils beneficial for the body but more importantly the chemical Thymoquinone.
Thymoquinone has proven to be an extremely advantageous chemical and has helped treat many ailments such as
gastrointestinal disorders,
fever and
dizziness along with inflammatory pains but more importantly cancer.

Natural anti oxidant
The medical benefits of Black Seed oil are endless. The main characteristic of Thymoquinone is its anti oxidant properties, studies have proven that this chemical had great effect on colorectal cancers destroying malignant cells.

Its discovery can be linked to an immunologist, Dr. Peter Schleicher. Dr Schleicher was studying Black Seed oil and quoted the benefits were as result of the unsaturated fatty acids such as Linoleic and Gammalinolen present in the Black Seed oil.

This helps initiate the synthesis of immune regulating substances, which in turn will boost the patients’ immunity and aid the fight against cancer. Linoleic is the main acid that is responsible for the reduction in cancerous cells because of its cell membrane stabilization property.

70% cure rate
Dr. Schleicher conducted tests on 600 patients and quoted a 70% cure rate of illnesses such as allergies amongst the patients.

The oil has been used for thousands of years throughout the past for various illnesses and is extremely popular in the Middle East and South Asia. The reason for its success as the cure of cancer is the effect that it works very in perfect unison to help reduce the effects of many illnesses.

It is an easy, cheap solution to chemotherapy and should be used on a larger scale not as a replacement to medicine but as a benefactor. Nature is giving a helping hand to aid the fight against cancer; it is time that the medical world welcomed this new idea.

Mr Mustafa Syed
Freelance journalist