The Blessed Seed - 40 day money back guarantee

Welcome to The Blessed Seed, specialist producers of the highest quality Black Seed products.

We are trained in healing therapies. Mr Antoine Pouget is a fully qualified Medical Herbalist and Daniel Goodwin is a trained masseur with diplomas in Full body massage and Indian head massage.

seedWith the huge amount of healing capabilities found in black seed oil they were both interested in supplying this remarkable product to help heal illnesses.

Over their 10 years of producing black seed oil they noticed that the strength in the oil can vary considerably.  It was Mr Antoine Pouget who recognised that this strength would come from the content of volatile oil. Most research papers had concentrated on the volatile components in their studies.

On analysis they found that the volatile oil may vary from 0% to 4.6% of the actual fixed oil. We are therefore now able to offer 3 different strengths of black seed oil and offer the strongest black seed oil available on the market.

Our strong oil has been analysed for  thymoquinone and has a content of over 2%. Thymoquinone have been the centre of many of the studies done on black seed.

2% is the highest content of thymoquinone you can find in a natural product, that is 100% pure without any additives.

Black Seed oil is a wonderful product but it is not a new product. It has been used for 1000′s of years and was created for our good health. Not only is black seed used as a natural home remedy by millions of people, it is also applied by Practitioners in the Ayurvedic system of medicine and in the Islamic Unani Tibbb system of medicine.

Money Back Guarantee

capsulesWe believe our products are the highest quality and offer a full money back guarantee when the product is returned within 40 days of purchase. Simply send the bottle back, even if it's empty, no questions asked and we will even pay the shipping cost of sending it back. Our oil is checked by Medical Herbalist, Mr Antoine Pouget, who analyses the samples we receive and advises us which seed produces the most beneficial oil.

The Blessed Seed Company's aim is to produce the highest quality and affordable cold pressed Blackseed oil so it retains its vital healing components (which are destroyed or damaged when pressed too fast or using chemicals). We take care to use only the best quality seeds that are available on the market.

We are specialists in black seed oil and believe we are surpassing the boundaries of other companies. All other companies are selling and claiming to have the best quality black seed oil.

However there is no company that actually emphasizes the importance of the content of volatile oil which makes black seed oil so unique.

We have 1.5% volatile/aromatic oil content in our regular black seed oil. Many of the studies have concentrated on the volatile oil. It is the aromatic oils that contain most of the anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and microbial /anti-fungal, anti-tumour and immune enhancing activity.

Black seed oil normally contains between 0.5% to 1.5% so as you will note our oil has the maximum. This does not occur to adding any additives. Our oil is 100% pure virgin quality cold pressed black seed oil.

We also have a stronger black seed oil that is unique to the market which has a content of 4.6% volatile oil. This makes the oil potentially 3-4 times stronger than most of the oil in the market. This oil is not recommended for beginners.

At the same time as maintaining the highest quality, we are trying to produce this wonderful product at a price you can afford. This oil can work quickly on certain ailments, such as stomach upsets and minor skin irritations, indeed, some allergy sufferers have noticed quite quickly how it calms their allergic reactions.

However, if the problems are deep rooted then the oil needs to be taken over a continual period. We have produced this Blackseed oil, at a price, we hope will make it available for most people to use properly. We offer a very good wholesale package that brings the price down for 6 bottles. Also our bottles come with a special pourer cap leaving no oil running down the side of the bottle.

bsspoutOur Blackseed oil is a very high quality we have worked on for years. Also, the feedback we have had from our customers of how well the oil has worked for them has encouraged us and our hope is to improve our quality in the future, if it is possible and we welcome any suggestions you may have.

We pray that our brand will give benefit and help to our customers and give people the confidence that God Almighty created everything for our benefit. The holistic capability of Blackseed oil is a clear sign that Nigella Sativa is created for our optimum good health and to relieve us in our ailments.